Choco Birdwatching Tour

Choco Birdwatching Tour

3 Days / 4 Nights Choco Birdwatching Tour

Included in Tour:

  • 4 nights lodging at Casa Divina Lodge, including all taxes
  • All transportation including transfers Quito hotel - Casa Divina - Quito Hotel on first and last day 
  • All meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 5
  • All entrance fees and activities mentioned in the itinerary
  • Local, Licensed, English-speaking Naturalist Guide
  • Drinking Water
  • Coffee and Tea Service at the lodge

Not included in Tour:

  • Beverages at Casa Divina Lodge
  • Tips
  • Extra activities
6.00amPick up at hotel in Quito. Sack Lunch provided. Start tour through Yanacocha Reserve (3700 m. /11,155 ft.) to see species like Black Breasted Puffleg, Sword-billed, Buff-Winged Starfronlet, Great Sapphirewing and Gorgeted Sunangel Hummingbirds, Scarlet- Bellied and Hooded Mountain Tanagers, Bar-bellied Woodpecker
3.00pmArrive Casa Divina Lodge.
7.00pmDinner and Lodging at Casa Divina Lodge.
6-9.00amBird observation at Casa Divina Reserve.
9.00amBreakfast at Casa Divina Lodge.
9.30amLeave for hike along Nambillo Waterfall road. Starting at 1200m hiking up to 1400m. Hike, photographs, observation. Possible sightings are Chestnut- Manibled Toucan, Choco Toucan, Pale-Mandibled Aracari, Golden-Headed Quetzal, Guayaquil Woodpecker, Blue-Necked Tananger, among others. Sack lunch included.
3.00pmReturn to Casa Divina Lodge.
7.00pmDinner Casa Divina.
5.00amDepart for Rio Silanche. Sack Breakfast provided.
7.00amArrive at Rio Silanche Reserve. (300m. /984ft.) Possible sightings are Choco Trogon, Western White-Tailed Trogon, Lineated Woodpecker, White-Bearded Manakin, Purple-Throated Fruitcrow, Blue- Headed Parrot.

Return to Casa Divina. In-House Lunch.

7.00pm Dinner Casa Divina Lodge.
5.00amDepart for Reserve Paz de Las Aves.
5.45amArrive at Paz de Laz Aves Reserve. (1700 m/ 5,577 ft.) Cock-of-the-Rock Lek observation. Continue on to observe the Giant, Yellow-Breasted, and Moustached Antpittas.
9.00amCountry breakfast at Paz de Las Aves observation deck, hummingbird observation at feeders. Catch the Velvet-Purple Coronet, Violet-Tailed Sylph, Buff-Tailed Coronet and many more Hummingbird species.
11.30amContinue on in vehicle for 1 hour to Chontal to visit the Oil Bird Cave. These birds are named for the oil they provided to the native communities in the area that used to hunt them. They roost in an underground cave and you can observe 50 individuals at a time in this surreal setting. Sack Lunch included.
3.00pmReturn to Casa Divina Lodge
7.00pmDinner Casa Divina

Option 1 Milpe Reserve

6.00amDepart for Milpe Reserve.
6.45amArrive Milpe Reserve (1100 m. 3609 T.) where you may see Club-Winged Manakin, Rufous Motmot, Green-Crowned Woodnymph and at the feeders you can spot the Green Thorntail, Geen-Crowned Brilliant and White Whiskered Hermit. Sack Breakfast included.
1.00pmReturn to Casa Divina. In-house Lunch. Checkout.
2.00pmReturn Hotel Transfer to Quito

Option 2 Umbrella Bird Reserve

5.00amDepart from Casa Divina Lodge for an hour drive to a small town outside of San Miguel de los Bancos (1100m/ 3609ft.) to see the Long Wattled Umbrella Bird. The Long Wattled Umbrella Bird is currently endangered due to destruction of its habitat and its large size, making it easy to hunt. The name comes from the impressively long wattle on the neck of the males and can measure up to 45 centimeters. Males also have a beautiful large crest of hair-like feathers expanding over the bill which looks like an umbrella. This bird is usually silent, except during mating displays when the males make a low-frequency booming call that can be heard from up to 1km away.
9.00amBreakfast at Umbrella Bird Reserve.
11.00amStop at Mirador del Rio Blanco for photo opportunities and coffee/juice.
1.00pmReturn to Casa Divina Lodge. In-House Lunch. Checkout.
2.00pmReturn Hotel Transfer to Quito. End of Tour.