Photography Tours

Photography Tours

SabinaTour Operator offers birdwatching tours created especially to meet the needs of photographers. Our highly trained guides know just what you need to get the perfect shot. Umbrella birds, hummingbirds, toucans, quetzals and even the rare Cock of the Rock can be photographed with ease on our Mindo, Ecuador birdwatching tours.

All SabinaTour Operator guides are native, bilingual naturalists and meet our high standards for local knowledge, communication and excellent customer service. Book a special photography tour today and get the shots you’ve always dreamed of.

 Dear Efrain and Molly, 

Our visit with you was so incredible… I only wish I had planned for a few extra days there! Thank you so much for a life-changing experience, for your wonderful hospitality, Efrain’s masterful guiding, Molly’s excellent fare, and our lovely casita surrounded by the peaceful sounds and serenity of the cloud forest. Perfect vacation!!!! Love and best wishes to your family. 

Carolyn Phares & Margaret Cordova San Luis Obispo, California - USA