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Spectacular Cloud Forest Tours

The Andean Choco Biosphere in Ecuador is an internationally renowned birding destination and IBA (Important Bird Area), boasting over 800 species of birds, many of which are endemic. All SabinaTour Operator guides are bilingual and native to the region and meet our high standards for extensive experience, communication, and superior customer service.

SabinaTour Operator is family owned and operated with a long history in Mindo. Whether you are an expert birder or a casual outdoor enthusiast looking to experience the cloud forest of Ecuador, we provide an unparalleled experience. Our goal is to educate and inspire visitors and locals to conserve and protect the world’s most precious natural environments.



 We are finally settling in after an amazing experience in Ecuador. Thank you so much for sending your pictures. The birds are so beautiful! Already we miss our time with you in the cloud forest. We can't wait to come back and we've been telling everyone we know about your remarkable country and Casa Divina. You've made birdwatching aficionados out of two of the most unlikely people--something for which we will always be grateful. 

Grace & Colt, New York, NY USA

 During our trip you took us ziplining and to see the Cock-of-the-Rock. You “made” our trip to Mindo. I have thought about you often. You helped us make such wonderful memories with your knowledge, warmth and generosity. I was so happy to see your business has become so successful. I read about you and was so impressed. I guess you modesty stopped you from telling us about all our accomplishments. 

Elaine Lemmer. Dallas, Texas - USA