SabinaTour Activity Rating

  1. Light activity level. No hiking involved.
  2. Light activity level. Some hiking/walking involved.
  3. Moderate activity level. Uphill, downhill hiking involved. Some physical risk involved.
  4. Strenuous activity level. Physically demanding. Uphill and downhill hiking involved. Some physical risk involved. 
  5. Extreme sport that involves inherent physical risk.  Please choose with caution.  The guides in these activities are trained professionals, but you are expected to take responsibility for your own personal safety. 

Activities in and around Mindo

A great way to see the canopy level of the cloudforest. This is a VERY fun activity for the whole family. You are safely secured into a harness and sent off over the tree tops on a double-cable system through a 10 cable course.
Experienced guides.
Please note that zipline guides speak little English.
Beautifully forested hiking trails.
Local, family-run business
Walking distance from the lodge about 1 mile uphill. Great views of the Mindo Valley and bird-watching. The tour takes about 1 ½ hours. Round trip about 3 hours on foot. Or we can hire a car for you.

The cable car is another way to get into the forest. It is along the same road as the ziplines, just continue on about 3 miles after the zipline entrance. You can ride across from mountain top to mountain top in a motor-powered basket, locally referred to as the “Tarabita”.

On the other side of the ravine is a nice hike to a series of five, small waterfalls. Or you can go towards “La Reina” waterfall which a is longer trail and has 1 larger waterfall at the end of the hike. These waterfalls are more for looking at and dipping your feet in, than for swimming. Wear appropriate footwear as the trail can be narrow and sometimes slippery or muddy. About a 5 hour excursion leaving Casa Divina on foot and hiking back to the lodge. You can make this trip shorter by hiring a taxi one way.

A nice hike into the cloudforest. About 4 miles each way. Uphill on the way out. Many birdwatching guides take this trail. At the end of the hike take a refreshing dip into the Nambillo River.

Rock jumping, waterslide, wading pools. No food or water up there. We can pack you a lunch if you wish. Local, family-run business. 

If you’re looking for a hike in the cloud forest, this is it. El Bravo Reserve is part of the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest and has to two good hiking trails. One follows the Bravo River up to an impressive waterfall and refreshing swimming hole. The other trail takes you to another closer waterfall and then leads you through the forest for several miles.  This reserve is further away from Mindo, so be sure to plan ahead with food and water and book at taxi at least one way. Even for the fearless hikers this is a long hike. About 8km from Casa Divina is the entrance to the reserve and then once you get to the reserve there are several kilometers of trails. This reserve is a great place for all day birdwatching.

We need to call ahead to make sure the reserve is open, so please let us know if you are thinking about visiting El Bravo Reserve.

Wear sturdy shoes with good tread. Some steep stairs, no hand rails.

See the Mindo Valley on horseback! The tour is a 1 hour trail ride in the Mindo Valley. This tour includes guide who speaks little English. Tour starts with a pick up at Casa Divina and you are taken out to the hacienda at the Nambillo River where you will start the ride. Transportation included. Local, family-run business.

Mariposas de Mindo is a family-run butterfly farm that has been working in the area for over 15 years. They offer a beautiful flight room to observe local species, as well as a short tour describing the life cycle of the butterfly. There is a restaurant here. Nice place to sit and relax. 45 min walking distance from the lodge. About 1 ½ miles each way. We can hire a local taxi for you as well.  

A hobby-turned-tourist-attraction. Visit an impressive collection of over 200 local, wild orchid species. These epiphytes (plants that live in trees and have aerated roots) are hard to see in their natural environment because of their small size and distance from the ground.

A tour around the small, cozy garden will make you appreciate this incredibly evolved plant family. Local, family-run business. The tour is 20-30 min. Walking distance from the lodge. About a mile. We can hire a local taxi for you.

Take a ride down the Mindo River, one of the five rivers in the valley. Innertubes are tied together to form a “boat”. A guide goes on the boat with you. The ride is short, about 20 min, but exciting and invigorating. A great way to see the river and the riparian zone. Transportation included. Local, family-run business. The whole trip is about 1 hour. 

Mindo Bonito is a hacienda that has many activities to offer. They have a large pool complete with waterslide, a tire-swing ride over a pond, ping pong tables and you can even fish your own lunch at the tilapia pools (it’s not as easy as you think!) – basically a lot to keep you busy for the day. Even if you’re not up for fishing don’t miss the fried tilapia prepared in the restaurant. It’s outstanding. We recommend hiring a taxi to get there and back.

Get a tour of the Mindo Chocolate Company cacao-processing plant. In this informal tour learn about the origin of cacao, the history of chocolate-making and watch how chocolate is made straight from the cacao plant all the way to the chocolate bar. Tour lasts about 1 hour and ends with chocolate tasting.

This is another adventure sport mixed with naturalist hiking. Experienced guides harness you up and assist you in rappelling down the 160ft (50m) waterfall. Please note that the canyoning guides speak little English, if you would like a bilingual guide please inquire. Climbers and adventure-seekers love the thrill of being inside the waterfall. Tour starts from Casa Divina Lodge and takes about 2-3 hours. Transportation included. Local, family-run business.

Cloud Forest Video

 We just wanted to thank you and Efrain for all you did to make our trip to Mindo so wonderful. The birding tour was fantastic and Efrain worked so hard to spot as many different types as possible. It's so apparent how passionate he is about birding! We loved meeting you and loved all of our chats. Of all the special people we met on the trip who made it so incredible and so memorable, you're at the top of the list. 

Sarah Cross. Virginia - USA