Our Guides

Our Guides

Efrain Toapanta

I was born in Mindo, Ecuador and grew up surrounded by the cloud forest. In 1988 I started participating in Environmental Education programs with the Friends of Nature Foundation. In 1991 I had the opportunity to follow a course to become a national guide by an entity that is now known as the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. From 1991 to 2000 I worked to create the PACASO AND PACASO Foundation which was key to develop a sustainable economy in Mindo. In 1999 I collaborated with a a science research Project that was later published (Naoki and Toapanta. 2000. Mülleria Body Feeding by Andean Birds: New Mutualistic Relationship or Evolutionary Time Lag?. Biotropica 33(1): 204-206), and this motivated me to learn more about birds. Since 2001, I have a Naturalist Guide license and I work as a specialized bird guide.

I love sharing my knowledge of the biodiversity of the cloud forest and I learn more everyday.

Alex Luna

My name is Alex Luna. I moved to Mindo from Santo Domingo in 2000. I started working as an assistant in a bird-banding project and since then have been fascinated by the world of birds. I have been birdwatching since that time and started as a bird watching guide 8 years ago.