Tropical Slopes of Ecuador Birdwatching & Naturalist Tour

Tropical Slopes of Ecuador Birdwatching & Naturalist Tour

10 Days / 9 Nights Tropical Slopes of Ecuador Birdwatching & Naturalist Tour

Included in Tour:

  • 9 nights lodging at first rate cloud forest lodges, including all taxes.
  • All transportation starting with hotel transfer on day 1 and ending on day 10. 
  • All meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 10.
  • All entrance fees and activities mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Local, licensed, English-speaking bird watching guide.
  • Purified drinking water.

Not included in Tour:

  • Beverages at dinner
  • Tips
  • Extra activities

The tour begins with an early morning Quito Hotel pick up and then heading down the western slope towards the Mindo area.

Coffee is served before birdwatching at high altitude Yanacocha Reserve. Enjoy the Sword-Billed Hummingbird, Scarlet-Bellied Mountain Tanager, Sapphire-Vented Puffleg, Shiny Sunbeam Hummingbirds just to get the day started.

Enjoy a picnic lunch in the Reserve, and continue along the eco route to Mindo stopping along the way for birdwatching opportunities. 

3.00pmArrive at Casa Divina Lodge. Check in, free afternoon and in-house dinner.
6-9.00amBirdwatching and coffee on the Observation Deck at Casa Divina Lodge. Continuing on to the trails of Casa Divina Reserve until breakfast.

After breakfast head out to the San Lorenzo Ridge to spot where it’s possible to see a variety of toucans: the endemic Choco Toucan, Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan, Rufous Motmot, Guayaquil Woodpecker, Blue-Necked Tanager are often spotted along this route.

Sack lunch on the trail. Afternoon Return to Casa Divina.

7.00pmDinner at Casa Divina Lodge.


Andean Cock-of-the-rock observation at Paz de Las Aves Reserve. Unique opportunity for up close viewing of this rare species in the cotinga family. Coffee and fruit at the bird hide. Continue on after the lek to observe bird species that are difficult to spot. Ochre Breasted and Moustached Antpittas, among others. After breakfast either continue climbing to see higher altitude cloud forest species.

Picnic Lunch on the trail and afternoon return to Casa Divina Lodge.


Dinner and Lodging at Casa Divina Lodge.


Early morning departure to lower elevation reserve where a picnic breakfast will be served while birdwatching at tree level on the Rio Silanche Tower. A few species that might be seen are: Black-Cheeked Woodpecker, Scarlet-Breasted Dacnis, Orange-Fronted Barbet, White-Bearded Manakin, Blue-tailed Trogon, White-tailed Trogon.

Picnic Lunch at the reserve. Afternoon return to Casa Divina Lodge. 

7pm Dinner at Casa Divina Lodge.


Depart for Amagusa Reserve. Sack Breakfast included to eat at feeders at Amagusa Reserve. This is a very unique reserve located northeast of Mindo. At about the same the altitude as the valley of Mindo, Amagusa Reserve boasts many different endemic Choco Andino species like Golden-Collared Flower-Piercer, Glistening-Green Tanager, Moss-Backed Tanager, Indigo Flower-Piercer.

Picnic lunch on the trail. Afternoon return to Casa Divina Lodge.


Dinner and Lodging at Casa Divina Lodge.

Option 1 Milpe Reserve


Departure to Milpe Reserve, where you may see Club-Winged Manakin, Rufous Motmot, Green-Crowned Woodnymph and at the feeders you can spot the Green Thorntail, Geen-Crowned Brilliant and White Whiskered Hermit. Sack breakfast is included.

Return to Casa Divina Lodge for in-house lunch and check out.

2.00pmTransfer to Quito hotel, or your next destination.

Option 2 Umbrella Bird Reserve


Early departure to a small town an hour drive from Mindo, to see the Long Wattled Umbrella Bird. Breakfast is provided at the reserve and the day continues with a stop at Mirador Rio Blanco.

Return to Casa Divina Lodge for in-house lunch and check out.

2.00pmTransfer to Quito hotel, or your next destination.

Start the day enjoying a wonderful variety of hummingbirds at the feeders. Breakfast at the lodge followed by birdwatching on the reserve trails. Possible to spot Tourmaline Sunangel, Collared Inca, Buff-winged Starfrontlet Hummingbirds. The Torrent Duck is often spotted along the Papallacta River. 

Lunch at the lodge. Depart for lower elevation reserve.

Dinner and lodging at lower elevation cloud forest lodge. After dinner search for the San Isidro Owl.


Birdwatching at lower elevation cloud forest reserve. Breakfast at the lodge and trail exploration in the reserve. Spot the Green Jay, Chestnut-breasted Coronet, Long-tailed Sylph, Gorgeted Woodstar, Montane Foliage-gleaner.

After lunch continue on to our final cloud forest lodge where the sub tropical humid forest meets the upper amazon. Afternoon Hummingbird observation at reserve feeders like Wire-crested Thorntail, Napo Sabrewing, Violet-headed Hummingbird.

Dinner and lodging at upper Amazon lodge.


Full day of birdwatching at Upper Amazon Reserve. There are many trails to choose from in order to see fabulous eastern slope species Golden-collared Toucanet, Gilded Barbet, Chestnut-fronted Macaw.

Lunch and dinner at upper Amazon Lodge. After dinner look for the Band-bellied Owl.


Breakfast followed by birdwatching at upper amazon reserve. Opportunities to observe Black-breasted Mango, Ecuadorian Piedtail, Gould’s Jewelfront Hummingbirds. Sometimes it’s possible to see the Plain-backed Antpitta, Short-tailed Anthrush, White-crowned Manakin, Spotted Tanager.

Lunch at lodge. Time to say goodbye to magical cloud forest of Ecuador.


Depart for Quito or next destination. End of Tour.